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A rare Birtley Mews opportunity

With one of the coldest winters the UK will have seen in a long time forecast to hit us this coming season, it is no secret that people generally don’t like to move house during this period and in some cases stay isolated throughout the winter, to avoid any disruption until at least the spring.

With the Mews package including daily social events (should you wish), fresh food, utility and garden management and on-site nursing care at hand should you need it, why not do it over the Autumn, before the potential big freeze hits? Demand to acquire a Mews flat within the Birtley House grounds is always so high and rarely an option, yet at the moment we have a bright and spacious, 2 bed, 2 bath ground floor flat with its own garden and stunning views looking out to the woodland, that is immediately available!

Birtley House Mews is also the perfect place to be surrounded by other independent neighbours, avoiding that Christmas loneliness that so many face, not to mention it being a really nice time of year to be a part of Birtley House, given all the activities and social events within the main house that will take place. Please take a look at our Birtley Mews gallery for some inspiration.

To find out more information on this opportunity and to book a visit to Birtley Mews please get in touch with one of our team. We look forward to hearing from you.