Holistic Care...

Holistic care treats the whole person, mind, body and spirit, and is an essential element of an organisations ability to deliver fully personalised care.

Multi-disciplinary Team

Holistic care teams are known as multi-disciplinary teams, and in addition to our Registered Manager and active Directors, ours includes: Staff Nurses, Care Assistants, Chaplain, Wellbeing Companion, Housekeeping, the Activities team, Maintenance team, and access to specialist therapy services including Massage, Physio, Hairdressing and Chiropody. Counselling can also be provided and is arranged by the Nursing team where required.

Call us on 01483 892 055 to discuss your needs or arrange a visit.


We offer a counselling service with Gail who has been supporting Birtley Residents and Staff for many years, please contact the Nursing Team for further information.  


We also have a dedicated Chaplain Liz, who visits weekly and gets to know each of our Residents closely in order to be able to support them wherever needed.

Pastoral Team

Our Pastoral Team is built from members of staff that engage with Residents on all levels to provide emotional and spiritual support. The team includes a Wellbeing Mentor, Companions, Volunteers and Birtley Befrienders, all of whom will work amongst our Chaplain.


The role of Companion, as the name suggests, encompasses travelling with Residents to hospital appointments, in cases where an accompanying nurse or carer is not essential.

A companion would add value to peoples days by talking with them, taking them out either in the grounds or into the wider community, working closely with the nurses and House Manager in addition to identifying Residents who would benefit from extra company and support.

Other therapies and specialist visits

Foot Health

Our Foot Health practitioner, Kim O’Sullivan from Feet First, has much experience working with older people and the limb and foot problems which can be associated with getting older.

Manicure & Polish

Care Assistant, Charlotte McNamara, who is a qualified beautician, offers a manicure & polish service for Residents.

Massage Therapy

Touch has a very therapeutic effect, especially for older people whose sight and hearing may be deteriorating. Massage stimulates blood flow, improving circulation and bringing vital oxygen to all parts of the body. This is particularly important for a lot of our Residents who are less mobile now than they used to be. Loosening stiff joints, easing aching muscles, reducing leg swelling and calming anxious people is all part of the role of our Massage Therapist.

Call us on 01483 892 055 to discuss your needs or arrange a visit.

Types of nursing care

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