Meals at Birtley House are cooked by our in house Chef, Steve Hounsham, and his creative catering team.

In House Kitchen Team

High quality produce is of high importance in order to provide the right nutrition for our Residents. We have an in house kitchen team, managed by our Chef Manager Steve, who uses fresh and seasonal produce from fruit and vegetables grown in our own kitchen garden, along with a few trusted local suppliers to make sure there is consistency in quality, flavour and variation.

Each afternoon whether you attend the activities or not a fine afternoon tea selection is served, varying choices always available and specialist appetites also catered for.

What we choose to eat is of great importance in our daily lives and it should be both healthy and enjoyable. Each day we have a dedicated Menu taker, who will let each Resident know what choices are on the menu for the following day, and if they wish to suggest an alternative, they can.

The menu taker works closely with the kitchen to make sure we are getting to know the Residents’ likes and dislikes, and reporting any special requests, so that this experience can be as personal as possible.

Of course, all allergies and intolerances are managed and catered for, and wherever possible, nothing goes to waste, as our Chefs make a lovely collection of Jams and Chutneys with any surplus produce.

Delicious menus

Steve ensures that the weekly menu makes the best use of seasonal home grown produce which is then hand picked by the halow project, volunteers from a local charity.

As expected, our residents have varying likes and dislikes, and our menus take these into account.  We have a dedicated menu taker who visits each individual resident and reports back to the kitchen with any special requests. Food allergies and intolerances are of course catered for.