Palliative Care...

Birtley House Nursing Home is proud to be able to provide a level of end of life palliative care services which would normally only be offered by a hospice.

Supportive End of Life Palliative Care

Palliative care aims to manage pain and other symptoms in someone’s final days or weeks. Although we have many residents who come to Birtley and experience several years here, some people do of course come to us purely for end of life care.

The homely environment and a person’s own private space is much preferred to spending final days on a hospital ward, often surrounded by strangers. It provides comfort and security for the whole family and is more beneficial for someone’s well-being, even affecting their will and ability to live longer.

Specialist Care with Consideration

End of life care is a specialist service and requires exceptional emotional intelligence from all of the team involved to deliver the personalised care that is required. Our team of care professionals work together with the resident and family members to help them come to terms with the situation and find peace in themselves to allow them to enter the final stage of their life, content and without fear.

This process involves an intricate combination of personalised care and continuous emotional support addressing psychological and spiritual needs, and a tranquil environment. All of which Birtley House can provide to its residents immeasurably and to the highest of standards. This gives the individual the opportunity to still find joy and live peacefully through their final journey in life. It brings comfort and support to a persons’ loved ones too, knowing that their relative received the best care and experience possible.

Types of nursing care

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