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Every Resident has a full physiotherapy assessment when they arrive with us to identify any physical problems that we can then address through a personalised treatment plan which may then include physiotherapy sessions. It also helps determine what supporting equipment (if any) our Nurses and Carers should be using whilst caring for the Resident.

Many of our Residents benefit from weekly physiotherapy sessions which include walking, re-education, strengthening and balancing exercises. Physio takes place wherever best suits the Resident, in their room, the dedicated physio area, or the gardens. The sessions are found to be extremely beneficial for improving and maintaining their ability. It is also immensely satisfying to experience your improvement and growth in confidence which comes as a result.

Introducing Janet Paremain

I have worked at Birtley house for the past 12 years and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I feel very fortunate to work in such a wonderful environment, with a great team of people within a very unique community. In my free time I try to keep as active as possible and enjoy swimming, running, Pilates, skiing and walking my dog.

Janet, who previously worked for Bevan Wilson, heads-up the Birtley in-house Physiotherapy team.  

I have worked as a Physiotherapist for over 20 years, treating people in hospitals, nursing homes and in their own homes. I have had a lot of experience treating orthopaedic conditions, balance problems, neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s and many other conditions that can affect the older person. I am a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, the specialist group AGILE and regularly attend courses and training to keep up-to-date.

Every aspect of the residents life at Birtley is considered and each staff member enables this holistic approach to their care. It is very rewarding to be part of this team. I love my job as a Physiotherapist. It is very satisfying to make a difference to people’s lives and help improve their confidence after a fall, illness or period of immobility.

Introducing Trish Swyny

I qualified at St. Mary’s Hospital in 1986. I worked in a number of London hospitals where I gained experience in orthopaedic, neurological, respiratory and elderly care. I have worked in recent years as a Bank Physio at Mount Alvernia Hospital, where I had responsibility for the acute care of patients who had undergone orthopaedic and gynaecological surgery.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Please browse through our photo gallery capturing moments from events throughout the year to residents enjoying day-to-day life at Birtley House.

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