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Age is Merely a Number

September 2022 marked a very sombre month for the UK as we lost our most beloved and longest standing Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Her dedication to service was exemplary, and an excellent example of how being older is no longer a debilitating barrier to continuing to have an enjoyable and worthwhile life right up to the end. I think we can speak to for us all here at Birtley House, and many of whom are reading this, that we are indebted to all that she has done for our country, and we are forever grateful for all she has done in her 70 years on the throne.

The Queen, of course, lived a completely different lifestyle from most of the public. As we know, she had countless support staff making it possible to operate into her late 90s. Yet findings from the Centre for Ageing Better highlight that the UK has an ageing population. There are 11 million people aged 65 and above in the UK, of which 1.6 million are aged 85+, and 500,000 people are 90+. And, staggeringly, by 2030, there will be over 21,000 centenarians in the UK.

With advanced technology coming into play and continuing beneficial advancements in medical care, lifestyle and well-being, our ageing population can still work well into their later years, continuing to keep perfectly fit and healthy. Retirement is no longer considered waiting for what comes next, it is living life to the fullest and what you make it. Many nursing homes understand that residents don’t all have the exact same care requirements, many only need living facilities; and the reassurance of knowing that support is there if they ever need assistance. Independent living facilities are the perfect step for residents looking to bridge the gap into retirement or the steps that follow into our later life.

Independent Living at Birtley Mews, Bramley, Surrey

Birtley House offers the perfect solution to those still independent and capable of daily living but who may benefit from additional support to hand when required. Our wonderful, peaceful, and well kept Birtley Mews apartments could be just what the doctor ordered. With stunning views of the open Surrey countryside and the benefit of being situated within the beautiful Birtley House Estate, the Birtley Mews provides comfort and peace of mind but most importantly independence.

A Birtley Mews Apartment

We offer an all-inclusive living package that is designed with the resident in mind; supporting independence with worry-free retirement living leaving the resident with plenty of time to spend how they wish. Birtley Mews is a unique development of eight two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments and most importantly accessible. All of which are situated in a peaceful courtyard behind Birtley House, separate from the main Nursing Home facility.

All properties have stunning views and are nestled within the beautiful Birtley House Estate giving Mews occupants access to pristine landscaped gardens, multiple in-house activities and exciting community events.

Birtley Mews Apartments from afar

Part of a larger community

Birtley Mews, provides peace of mind for independent living lifestyle, and forms part of a larger complex including Birtley Estates and Birtley House. The latter is a privately-owned, family-run care home. Established in 1932 they have over 90 years experience within the industry. This adjoining home caters for varying levels of care from residential to nursing care, including specific long-term care, and respite care for our 47-capacity care home. We welcome all residents and look forward to discussing your needs in more detail.

If you are interested in learning more about Birtley Mews and how we can help you take that next step towards worry-free retirement with your bespoke requirements, please call 01483 892 055 or