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Beating Isolation Blues for the Elderly

Only a fortnight ago we took our Residents out to our local ice-skating rink at Guildford Spectrum.

Five of our wonderful team took time out of their day to make this wish come true. This meant that five of our Residents could experience something that might to many, seem impossible. The ladies and gents took to the ice together, there were tears of laughter as one or two of the staff struggled to steady themselves initially, but after a little practice, they were off.

Innovative approach

We’ve always been innovative in our approach to the activities and experiences we provide within Birtley House. Given the very sudden change in our freedom and ability to bring in outside entertainment, we are quickly devising new strategies to help keep our Residents entertained and stimulated, and to provide something that will take their minds off the news from the outside world, should they wish to escape this.

Team spirit

Thankfully, we are well practised in dealing with battling loneliness. We still have a full team present who have always been able to interact with Residents who are less able to get out, or engage in the daily activities of life at Birtley House. We have our well-being companion, our Key Workers, our Activities team, counsellor and more. So the community that we have built, remains strong around us at this time.

At Birtley House we have always maintained that we will make wishes and dreams come true wherever possible. We will continue to look for ways to do this even in these challenging times.

When the cloud lifts

When this cloud and period of isolation has lifted, and it is safe to do so, we will venture out again. The ice skating was one of our care home’s most enjoyed trips to date. And the excitable chatter on the minibus on the way back home was like having a bus full of excited school children after a school trip.

We hope to be updating you with more exciting experiences soon!