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Blackheath & Bramley Choral Society join us for another Christmas!

We were delighted to start this week by welcoming the Blackheath & Bramley choral society back into our care home. Their choir have put on a concert at Birtley House Nursing Home every Christmas for the last 21 years, and our Residents, particularly those who have enjoyed more than one Christmas with us, were very much looking forward to their return.

Our guests were greeted with our home-made mulled wine and freshly baked mince pies, both which caused a mouth watering & fragrant smell to flood the house. Waiting by the fireplace in our entrance hall was one of our Directors Tim Whalley, ladle in hand and ready to serve the spicy festive wine. The choir who were singing from 7-8pm mingled in the entrance hall, whilst our Residents and their guests had begun to fill up the drawing room shortly after 6pm in order to get a good seat. One Birtley House Resident who came into our care home for palliative services back in August, was joined by 13 members of her family, all who were able to enjoy the choir, condiments and some quality time together. This inspiring lady has managed to bring on a fantastic recovery, through her own spirit and strength of will, teamed with the specialised care that we provide in our nursing home, and her joy and appreciation of the experience certainly added a lovely element to the evening.