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Cooking as Holistic Therapy

It’s such a joy for us at Birtley House when we get the opportunity to make someone’s day. As one of few privately owned nursing homes in surrey, we have the ability to tailor make our residents experiences because we are not confined to a corporate daily agenda. Our decions are made in the best interests of our residents, and as well as provide multiple variations of activities and entertainment daily, we do our best to offer the little things that people can really enjoy, such as cooking, gardening, picking the vegetables or even doing the laundry.

Today we were able to have our resident Mr Jenkins working in the kitchen, who by the look of the pictures, thoroughly enjoyed himself. Working with our head chef and kitchen manager Simon, together they chopped apples and made chutney. The cooking lesson was very well received, and Simon was very generous to find the time for this type of holistic therapy in his kitchen.