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Self Care September

We’re encouraging ‘Self Care September’ here at Birtley House. We recognise that as humans, we cannot pour from an empty cup, so we are asking all of our staff to become aware of the little things that they do for themselves, to care for their own needs and happiness.

The point of this self-care exercise is that our staff take notice of what makes them happy, and do a little more of it. With such a busy and challenging year with Covid-19, it is easy to forget about your own needs and just go on auto pilot in caring for others. It is important that people stop, step back, look at their lives and think about what they would like to do in that moment, rather than what they have to do, as well as think about why it makes them happy, and what they are grateful for.

Our Director Caroline Whalley encouraging Self Care as she enjoys a spot of gardening

As care providers we know the importance of well-being, and that simple things like taking time out for a long walk in the countryside, gardening, cooking or making a phone call to catch up with a friend can make such a difference to someone’s day.

Self Care is not selfish, it is extremely important in order for us to be happy and be able to perform optimally in our caring roles. So we are all for it, and we are enjoying the pictures of self-care moments that our staff have begun to share with us.

Jo from our accounts team enjoys walks with her beloved furry friend Milo every day…
…As does our Registered Manager Sylwia, with her Jasper