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Team Building at Birtley House

Birtley House Staff gather around tables for their staff meeting

Birtley House Nursing Home are firm believers that our family ethos is one of the key factors that helps us maintain strong relationships within our community. We also believe it helps make Birtley House a Home, and that its values mirror almost entirely with those who understand what it means to embrace and demonstrate a true teamwork ethos. Therefore, we value the importance of team building and are actively engaging in new team-centred activities, piloted by our care home Manager Sylwia.

The purpose is to ensure our teams have the best chance of effectively working together in our Birtley House care home, supporting each other in delivering effective and person centred care of the highest quality. During these sessions we bring together people from different working departments of the home, many of whom will only get the chance to just say ‘hello’ to each other usually, due to a busy schedule. There are games played, interesting facts revealed, personal if you wish or even just about the work someone does within the nursing home.

Team Building at Birtley House

Who’d have known it, yesterday we discovered that amongst our team we had someone who has made a record as part of a musical choir, one team member has written a book, we have a couple of dancers amongst us, one nurse who once made her way into a gents Rugby scrum which resulted in a case of concussion, daring individuals who enjoy motorbikes, have bungee jumped and more. Staff recognition awards were given out over snacks and tea, and one or two residents were there to join in also. Baby pictures were shared, and are now making their way around the care home for our Residents to play guess who with.

All who were able to join are very much looking forward to the next team building session!