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‘Team work will make our dream work’

Many whom have met our Birtley House Registered Manager Sylwia quickly realise how pro-active, creative and engaging she is. It comes as no surprise now to see that after her first set of appraisals with her nursing and care team, there was many a positive collective thought and attitudes are clearly united. What better way to re-motivate your team than to share with them the joint views and passions for nursing care, and similar wavelengths that others felt they were on.

During the exercise Sylwia took her team outside to the Birtley House Gardens, where together they reviewed the results of the information collected over the prior week. Whether the individual’s favourite part of their job was holistic care, general nursing care, long term care, managing end of life care, or getting to know and meet the needs of new and returning residents for respite care, it is clear that from the smiles and close knit behaviour of the team that a general happiness is felt whilst they carry out their duties within Birtley house guildford.

The strong support network of the management structure here continues to be utilised, resulting in effective staff performance actively taking place at Birtley House.