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A Holistic Forest School Experience

Lee Davis, a qualified Level 3 Forest School Leader, will join us later this summer and will bring a wide range of learning opportunities for children in their early years. His Forest School will allow them to learn not only new physical skills, but research has shown it helps them to work with others, problem solve and manage their own risk.

“With over 7 years’ experience in Early Years childcare, as well as a BA (Hons) degree in Early Years Management and Practice, I have nurtured my passion for working with children and I’m delighted to now be able to deliver their education, in the form of an outdoors learning school. I am acutely aware of how much impact our input into children’s early development has. In a world that is becoming more and more digitally focused, I believe that children deserve, and should be given the opportunity to switch their attention to more achievable, child initiated tasks which will take place outdoors, where possible in a woodland environment.”

For more information regarding Lee’s outdoor school, please take a look at The Surrey Hills Forest School website.

Further information will be available after the official OFSTED inspection has been completed.