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Inspiration in the garden

Inspiration in the garden with local glass sculptor and artist, Adam Aaronson. We’re delighted in our latest collaboration with Adam, to bring arts and inspiration into our residents garden. Adam’s work is exceptionally thought provoking, calming, peaceful and inspirational all at the same time. The key focus of this exhibition is to raise funds for local charity ‘halow project’, through a closed bid auction on Adam’s ‘Boundaries’ piece, which has been brought together through a collaboration of donated words which encourage inspiration, hope and creativity.

For further information on this exhibition, or to book a personal tour with Adam, please contact us at or 01483 899 558

We’ve always had huge community involvement at Birtley House, and now we’re branching out further with this by inviting in local businesses from around the rural Surrey Hills to work in our woodland. They will be practicing their skills and running courses which will be offered to the public.

Many of our residents will also benefit from the skills which can be taken into the home, and some will be able to have stone carving, willow weaving or art lessons in the gardens whilst enjoying new company.

Let us introduce you to some of our artisans…