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An ‘Arty’ afternoon

An afternoon of self expression took place today at Birtley House nursing home. Inspired by our resident woodland artist Carol Smith, who provided various creations of pictures put together by multiple colours and shapes. Each person who joined in was able to use these as inspiration for creating a personality or symbolism in their picture, either with a preferred colour or cut out.

Previous art teacher Pat enjoyed the activity which triggered a happy nostalgia, and it was clear there were many other artists in the room. Mavis created a beautiful sketch of a horse, worthy of a picture frame. Joan created a fashion inspired image and matched her own pink nails with a pink handbag for her stylish female interpretation. Diana completed the example picture and matched it perfectly, whilst Margaret created an Eagle soaring over the fields and flowers below, along with Pat who was also nature inspired and made a pretty textured garden for her Birtley Mews kitchen wall.