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Mama Buba Bump at Birtley House

What a beautiful day it was for the Mama Buba Bump launch event which took place in the grounds of Birtley House, raising money for charity as well as giving the opportunity for mums to meet and learn about the new Baby Bubble Hub. Over 50 mamas and their babies congregated for a morning of fun in the sun, with entertainment provided (a very warm giant teddy bear) as well as cake and tea.

Mama Buba Bump is an online village for pregnant and new mums. The concept is that in the age of the internet, the amount of information targeting this group of women is overwhelming and with people living further from their traditional networks of friends and family, isolation is increasing.

Their ethos is to combine information from experts that mums can trust, as well as a community of support from other mums, to help build mums confidence to parent in a way that feels right to them.

If interested there are 4 ways to be a part of the community:

Blog ( – the blog has information on a range of topics from experts such as weaning FAQs, top tips on capturing babies first year and everything you need to know about keeping your babies teeth clean. There are also blogs from other mums who have documented things like their breastfeeding journey, tips on building confidence after having a baby and planning your baby’s first birthday. 

Weekly email ( – the weekly email is called The Hot Tea Club with the idea that when you have 5 minutes to have a hot cup of tea, the email will give you some ideas of what is great to read, watch or listen.

Free Facebook support group ( – private Facebook group, Mamas and the Baby Bubble, is really popular and a lovely supportive, non judgemental place. There is also a guest expert once a month to answer members questions live which is a great opportunity to get expert support without having to search the internet for hours. 

The Baby Bubble Hub ( – this newest addition is set to open for members on 1st August. The Baby Bubble Hub is at the core of the online village andencapsulates everything Mama Buba Bump is trying to achieve.

It is for mums who want to really build strong relationships with other mums who have a similar style of parenting to them.

It is for mums who are fed up of scrolling through Google at 2am searching for answers but feeling even more confused.

It is for mums who feel like they spend the day on their own and just want to chat to other mums who have been where they are and can tell them it will get better.    

The membership gives access to information from experts in a range of formats (video, blogs, podcasts) in an easy to access online site. This information, combined with a private members community supported by Mama Mentors who use their experience to reassure and guide, gives mamas more tailored, consistent support throughout the important first year after having a baby.