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An historic community within Birtley House Nursing Home

Mrs. Ann Privett (left) joined Birtley House Nursing Home for respite care and will be returning home to Wormley this week. How nice she found it to come into a nursing home for rehabilitation and to discover someone she has known for a long time is also here with us, receiving long term care.

During her time here, Ann discovered an old aquaintance Mrs. Mary Grigalis (right) who is resident in Birtley House nursing home. These two have a connection which goes back to when Mary used to teach Ann’s children at local primary school, Witley C of E. It turns out that Mary also taught our Birtley House accountant, Maddy.

There is also another connection for Mrs. Privett with Carol who helps run our activities afternoons. Carol used to live in what is now the Institute of Oceanography, which is actually where Mrs Privett’s husband used to work.

Birtley House has always been proud to have a community within its own grounds but this is a nice example of how that community can develop within, the social interaction and reminiscing no doubt nostalgic for both residents.