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Dignity Day 2022 at Birtley House

Staff and Residents sitting around table for Dignity Day

As a family-run nursing home for 90 years, we understand the importance of professional personalised care for each and every one of our residents. That starts with dignity in all types of care from the treating of our residents to their close relatives and loved ones. Giving them the care and respect they truly deserve.

For the last four years, Birtley House has celebrated Dignity Action Day – a yearly day in the health and social care diary that opens the opportunity to appreciate the care people give and receive. This day aims to raise awareness to individuals who use various care services that are given a choice, a control in their choices and a purpose in their daily lives.

What is Dignity Action Day?

Birtley House staff standing by presentation board
Staff at Birtley House, Bramley, Surrey taking part in Dignity Action Day.

Back in 2016, the goal of this campaign was to inspire health and social care staff to become more aware of dignity and raise awareness with a focus on compassion for the integral care services that they provide. To this day, this campaign has only grown stronger with the first Dignity Day taking place in February 2010. This memorable day is a time to celebrate all that every person contributes to dignified care and those that receive that care.

Dignified Care at Birtley House

As part of our commitment to the level of care we provide to our residents, our Birtley core values were launched last year: Kindness, Integrity, Positivity and Adaptability. These attributes have served as our constant focus here at Birtley and have reinforced what it means to care. Every member of our team plays a crucial part in ensuring that these core values are met to the highest of standards.

Residents sitting around table discussing dignity matters with staff
Residents of Birtley discussing the importance of Dignity over coffee and cake.

Birtley Dignity Champions

Our Care Manager Sylwia, creates innovative, fun and interactive activities every February as part of Dignity Day Awareness and this year was no different. On this occasion, many of our staff signed up to be a Dignity Champion – those wearing little badges reflected such commitment to this campaign.

What is a Dignity Champion?

Dignity Champion Badge
The Birtley Dignity Champion Badge

A Dignity Champion has the ability to do as little or as much as they like within their care setting. Staff members do their bit by making conscious changes to the way they deliver care to the individual. These changes could be helping a resident with their breakfast or spending a little more time with them in the afternoons whilst they have their afternoon tea; both of these instances ensure the individual feels respected and valued.

It is all about the passion and compassion you have for your role not the level of experience.

This year, Birtley House came up with the idea of a dignity tree where residents created a tree-like structure with words about what dignity means to them. The team and residents gathered together during a coffee morning to reflect on various dignity matters. This coffee morning was purposely dedicated to just that, a chance to discuss dignity and the importance of its place in care. All staff and residents were enjoying their discussions and having a good natter about what matters most. At Birtley, we always try to encourage resident interaction and communication between one another both of which bring about that all-important community feel and help maintain a well-balanced lifestyle.

Always Looking after You

We ensure that every resident’s bespoke care plan is implemented with care and consideration giving them plenty of opportunities for their input and to promote their general well-being and happiness. We feel every single member of our department plays a part of being a caring hero and in our book deserves the ‘Birtley Hero’ title. We are quickly approaching the month that marks our 90th year of the business. We will proudly reflect on this in years to come and look back on the decades of continuous care. We look forward to the next chapter in Birtley’s future with dignity.

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