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Lockdown 2.0… we’ve got this!

This time around we are much more prepared, and a little less anxious as we have a good idea what to expect. We know there is light at this seemingly endless tunnel, particularly after yesterday’s announcements of a possible vaccine on the horizon.

In the meantime, our Residents and family members have remained positive and supportive towards the decisions we have been faced with making. All for the greater good and with our Residents care and safety at the heart of decision making.

We are fortunate at Birtley to have vast open grounds which we have been able to utilise in the warmer, more mild weather. Now coming into winter, we have new plans in place with new designated visiting areas. Since June we have facilitated well over 200 safe visits for our Residents, and although we now have lockdown 2.0 to deal with, we are confident that under new guidance and flexible measures, that lockdown or not, we can continue these visits throughout this time. It does mean putting Perspex screens in place which are currently on order, we are keen to have this service up and running as soon as possible.

Sally and Mary, not forgetting to social distance even outside.

Following a recent visit to see her Mum, one family member kindly shared some personal photos with us. Together they enjoyed a simple walk in the grounds. We are looking forward to continuing this with other families as soon as we can.