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‘Sparkle for Social Care’


What a great purpose to have an initiative set up that recognises some of our industry’s special key workers, and the difference they make to people’s lives.

To care for someone takes a special skill, and care is shown in many ways outside of any training given and standards which have to be met.

That is why we were so delighted when Linda, a member of our housekeeping team, was recognised by charity ‘Sparkle for Social Care’ for the efforts which she makes daily, to make our Residents happy, by ensuring they have a personalised experience with her.

Described by one particular Resident as ‘My lady in red’, Linda makes sure that she delivers the lady’s laundry personally and that she allocates the time to have a chat with her, and sometimes a coffee. This particular Resident finds Linda’s presence quite calming, and she looks forward to when Linda is on shift so that she can see her friend.

It is one example of the need for varying skills, personalities and roles within the Care sector. Many Residents will gravitate to certain people, which helps them to feel more at home. Whilst Linda is part of the Housekeeping team, she is sometimes able to support the Care team and also accompany this lady for calming walks around the grounds.