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Watch Commander Steve Love and his FIRE team visit Birtley

We were fortunate enough this week to have a visit from our local Guildford Fire Station, where the Watch Commander Steve Love and a few members from his brigade, spent time with our residents, giving an up to date talk on ‘fire safety’ and the important job that is done by a fire door, hence they should remain shut. We’re all aware that by law Health and Safety checks need to be up to date and are of course regulated so we don’t have to worry about the safety of our care home. In many ways, a business premises, and in this case Birtley House Nursing Home, will be generally far safer than a persons’ previous home due to these regulations, there is a lot however that can be done through people having a general awareness in order to prevent anything occurring, it is important to keep people up to date with the latest prevention methods. Remember: Prevention is better than cure!

Staff from Birtley House also involved themselves for the training, and one of our Directors Tim Whalley actively engaged with the Watch Commander Steve Love, asking questions to help our residents feel secure. The Birtley House evacuation policy is something that Residents have questioned given its delayed method, however it was executed perfectly in a minor incident which recently caused the alarm to sound, and the need to evacuate the care home. Residents were back in the house very quickly, with lunch served only mere 10 minutes late. Tim Whalley, one of the Directors for Birtley House is responsible for the health and safety in the nursing home, Mews and Birtley gardens. He joined the discussion and lead with questions that he knew would offer comfort and support to the Residents understanding of our evacuation policy. Our Residents, satisfied, then thanked the fire team and asked their own questions such as how long they had to train to slide down the pole. A little tongue and cheek from the witty characters who live in our nursing home, followed of course over afternoon tea and sandwiches.