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When the ‘Little Harriers’ landed at Birtley

Today our Residents were delighted again with a return visit from the nursery members of Little Harriers in Cranleigh. The youngsters joined some of our ladies for an intergenerational learning experience in the Birtley House activities lounge where they created various playdough shapes together. One of our nursing home Residents Judith brought her collection of Owls to the table which she had brought to the previous session, and Thomas had really enjoyed playing with them. On seeing them again he got excited and instantly recognised Judith, who was in turn thrilled to bits that he knew who she was. They sat playing with owls, creating shapes and admiring Thomas’s Spiderman jumper which he clearly wore with pride.

Bunny, another Nursing Home Resident was delighted to sit with little Connie, making balls for her to roll out with the rolling pin, and then cut into star shapes. Connie, who had been enjoying Bunny’s company was able to recognise that the star shape cutter had a resemblance to cake baking stationary, and she went on to mention about her Mummy baking cakes, leaving the conversation open for Diana to join in and ask about Connie’s favourite foods and if she enjoyed baking.

Pat who was once an Art teacher had a natural talent with the youngsters, in getting them to explain what they were making, whilst our other Pat joked with each child, and Sylvia sat smiling as she also helped Connie. Everyone not only enjoyed but benefitted from the energy that was filling the room. It truly is a heart-warming thing to witness the joy that comes with these kind of visits to our care home. To see the smiles on residents faces as they look at the children in admiration – likely due to the seemingly unlimited energy they have – is a joy also for the Birtley House staff who care for them each day. It’s also lovely to witness the empowerment children feel from spending time with our care home Residents. It is almost like they recognise a vulnerability in elderly people that they don’t come across the same in their everyday lives, and they enjoy showing Residents how to do things. They are charming and ask many questions during their visits, they laugh, they play and they’re the most endearing little story tellers. Everyone at Birtley House Nursing Home is already looking forward to the next visit.