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We all test negative for Covid-19!

We are delighted to report that we have been able to secure more than enough tests for all Staff and Residents.

Our teams queued two metres apart down one of the house corridors where testing was taking place. In that time, they had a little sing-song to keep spirits up, something that together they have been doing quite a lot of throughout this time in lockdown. The video can be found on our youtube channel.

Whilst it is great to tell people to ‘stay positive’ and ‘remain calm’. That in itself doesn’t stop the worries that can creep in for all of us. So, it has been very important that we have actively made the effort to come together, sing, laugh and dance where we can. You instantly feel better afterwards.

As our team members queued our Residents were also being tested. And two days later we were able to confirm that we had a 100% negative result. Delighted was an understatement. It has helped to confirm that our prevention control measures are effective. It is important that we continue these good practices which have been put in place. And more important than ever as lockdown lifts. We will continue to practice all measures that protect our Residents and our Staff.