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National Nurses Day

Each year on May 12th we celebrate our Nurses, past and present. Last year we were able to have an afternoon party in the drawing room. We invited guests, did a presentation on poignant times in Nursing history. We gave gifts to our Nurses, and some Residents who were once Nurses. And we took balloons out to the lawn for little ones to enjoy running around with.

This year thanks to Coronavirus it is somewhat different. But none the less, this is another important celebration that we were not going to pass by without making our mark. We dressed the activities room and laid on a cake display. Our Residents handmade some thank you cards. And our Rev’d Liz Tilley sent in a nice message to be read to them all.

Such a yummy table of home baked cakes and iced biscuits!

Nurses are truly special people, and we leave you with a message from Vio, one of our Clinical Lead Nurses…

We all know this is a difficult period for everybody. And now more than ever, we need to pull together. We need to support each other physically and mentally. Now is the time to be calm. If there is one thing NURSES know how to do, it is to work under pressure. This is not done for glory or gain. I is done because of our dedication, and it is a true vocation.

Viruses come and go, just like the seasons. That’s why we should all continue to work with passion and devotion while using clinical skills, to provide excellent care for our lovely Residents.