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VE Day Celebrations

National lockdown or not, we were determined to recognise the 75th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day on 8th May, along with the rest of the country.

As many of our streets were adorned with bunting, and decorated tables set up with the finest china outside people’s houses, music playing, cakes, BBQ’s and other joys, we decided to do our own version of a street party.

Memories of this day in 1945

Many of our Residents have memories of this victorious day as they were likely young children at the time. The war would have dominated their upbringing for quite some time. So this celebration was one of the most iconic moments in their personal history.

The anniversary comes at a time when we are living through the effects of Covid-19. It is good to remember the years of sacrifices our ancestors made, to allow for the world that we live in today. We are all looking forward to more carefree days when we can simply hug a loved one or sit with them for a cup of tea. But we are humbled by the significance of this day, and reminded that the time will pass.

One of our Residents sharing a reading with us…

A very British afternoon tea

We decorated our garden with patriotic bunting in red, white and blue and of course the British flag. A splendid and very British afternoon tea was arranged for Residents and Staff to enjoy. We also poured some bubbles for the occasion.

It was a nostalgic afternoon. Although we were socially distancing it was nice for our Residents to be out in the gardens together.

Enjoying time together in the gardens whilst remembering to social distance

We read poems and readings, and shared memories. Then sat and enjoyed the sunshine with a slight breeze for the rest of the afternoon. Thinking how grateful we are for the surroundings we have to enjoy whenever we like.