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Simon Whalley & Jeremy Hunt MP discuss lockdown effects

Simon Whalley continues his campaign to push for real recognition in the Adult Social Care sector. The key message being that it is time for a change. As we learn to adapt to a world with covid-19, the attitudes and support towards the NHS and the Social Care sector need to change.

The private sector should be recognised for what it does to keep people out of our hospitals. The sector helps people to live and die well in a homely environment. They’re comforted wherever possible, and given the true time and attention that they need. Support also stretches to Residents families.

Simon also recently spoke to Jeremy Hunt about the effects of isolation on our Residents. Following that phone call, Jeremy Hunt featured the below in his daily Coronavirus report.

Featured in Jeremy Hunt’s daily news bulletin…


Birtley Care Home in Bramley is managing to cope. But Simon Whalley, the Chief Executive, told me this morning that his residents are finding isolation very tough and some of the residents with dementia do not entirely understand why they are not able to see friends and relatives. Something I hadn’t understood is that residents are also being isolated from each other as much as possible including eating at single tables which is jolly tough – especially for somewhere like Birtley which I know has a very friendly, communal atmosphere. They have managed to get PPE – just – and staff morale is holding up. All staff wear masks and have their temperature checked twice a day, something I suspect will become the norm everywhere. – Jeremy Hunt MP.