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Birtley on Channel 4 News

Earlier this week we were interviewed by John Snow, Newsreader on Channel 4 Evening News. Our Chairman Simon Whalley was accompanied by our Registered Manager Sylwia and Nurse Mirela. Together they expressed the difficulties that care homes and the Adult Social Sector are facing during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

An interview with John Snow

The private sector for Adult Social Care, is one that is regularly overlooked by the government. Now more than ever, the sector needs to be recognised and supported. Care homes across the country have closed their doors to protect their Residents. The staff of course, have to come and go in most cases, and on return to work many do not have access to sufficient PPE. The reality is, this is a big risk factor for the lives of both Residents and Staff.

The impact on the NHS

The Adult Social Care sector accounts for around 400,000 people. The majority will require Nursing Care, and whilst they turn to care homes, they are kept out of hospital. In turn, this relieves the NHS of extra pressures.

PPE Shortage

Whilst we ourselves have enough PPE at the moment, many do not. This situation leaves Residents of many homes across the UK unprotected, and open to potentially devastating effects. Our message to Channel 4 News was clear, it is important that this is recognised and dealt with. Provision of equipment must be made, to avoid further strain on our national health service.

Click here to watch the full interview.