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The 3 Cs that make Birtley House Nursing Home so unique

Birtley House Nursing Home Lounge 1949

Nestled within 48 acres of beautiful Surrey Hills countryside, Birtley House Nursing Home is unlike other care homes.

But it is not only the nursing home’s stunning location, private lake, and well-manicured gardens that make it unique.

The Surrey nursing home has a rich history of care and an individual approach, making it the nursing home of choice for many families.

Here are three important factors that each contribute to the exclusive experience at Birtley House:

1. Continuity

At a time when new-build care homes are opening their doors on a weekly basis, Birtley House offers its residents a very different proposition.

Unlike newer care homes that must build their team, business, character, and clientele from scratch – Birtley House has been operating for nearly 90 years.

It takes years to build a true home, a bank of trusted staff, and an excellent reputation – and Birtley House is so different to its competition.

A family-run business and service provider since 1932, Birtley House was founded by Dr. Lloyd Driver and his wife, Joan.

In the 1950s, the management of Birtley House was passed to the Drivers’ daughter, June, and her husband, Dick Whalley.

The business is very family focussed and now owned and managed by Simon Whalley, along with his wife, Caroline, their two sons, Frank and Tim, and Frank’s wife, Sinead.

With their history in care, the Whalley family truly understands what it takes to create a genuinely homely environment and offer the highest quality service not just in care but with quality of life for residents at the heart of all they do..

This comforting continuity means that Birtley House offers a refreshingly stable and unique alternative to other care homes in Surrey.

 2. Community

It is a well-known fact that being part of a community has a positive impact on our mental wellbeing.

And as we age, it is natural for our friendship circle to reduce in numbers and our community interaction to lessen.

But the need for human interaction and a sense of community does not go away. Maintaining and encouraging an interest in the outside world is an integral part of our ethos and supports a varied and well-balanced lifestyle for all at Birtley House.

At Birtley House, community is at the core of our home. As a business we have always maintained strong connections to the local community and developed community projects within our grounds.

Our nursing home residents have many opportunities to enjoy both indoor and outdoor events.

These connections allow us to bring opportunities into the home and onto the estate wherever possible, which is particularly important for those residents who are no longer able to visit places themselves or interact easily. And this overcomes the ‘institutionalisation’ that results from prolonged stays in hospital.

As an example, we have a close working relationship with the halow project, a local charity that supports young adults with learning disabilities.

The halow team visits our kitchen garden each week and with the supervision of our award-winning gardener Matt, the group help to plant, grow, and manage our fruit and vegetable beds.

Our talented kitchen staff work with the halow project and residents to create dishes made from our freshly picked produce.

Other community events form part of the Birtley House activities programme when regulations allow. For example, a visit from a local school, hosting a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, and our annual Christmas concert with a visit from the local choir.

3. Creativity

The Activities team at Birtley House is constantly thinking of creative ways to stimulate and entertain our residents, and never more so than during the coronavirus pandemic.

Residents at our nursing home in Bramley, Surrey, are treated to creativity daily with our thriving activities programme.

More than ever, we work hard to think of fresh creative ideas that work within the government guidelines. Our broad range of activities includes everything from crafts, painting, and games afternoons to the Birtley Olympics and spa days.

The unique location of Birtley House and the home’s many partnerships, enable our residents to try their hand at many new creative projects including basket weaving and yoga.

And it is not only the activities at Birtley House that contribute to its creativity.

Creative ways of paying for care are a prime example of how Birtley House goes above and beyond to make the Birtley House experience an exceptional one.

The West Wing apartments at Birtley House provide a unique opportunity for loved ones to live in their own home whilst having 24-hour nursing care on hand.

For those with long-term care in mind, the option is available at Birtley House to purchase an apartment where owners receive full nursing care 24-hours a day.

The apartments are sold on a debenture basis which allows the occupier to personalise their home as they wish. Debentures range from circa £250,000 to just over £500,000, and, at the end of the notice being served on the apartment, and providing it has re-sold onto the next occupant, the amount is then refunded to the debenture holder.

Monthly care fees are required throughout occupancy, but they come with the advantage of considerable reductions for apartment occupants. The care fees are substantially less than the costs for those in more traditional standard rooms.

It is the unique ethos of these 3 Cs: continuity, community, and creativity that sets Birtley House aside from other care homes and nursing homes in Surrey.

For more information about our home, our activities, and our unique and creative approach to care, please call 01483 892055 or email