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To improve as a Care Home, we listen

Birtley’s collaborative approach to change is the Resident Lead Care Home Committee (RLCHC)

At Birtley House, we like to share our new innovations and visions with you all which is why it is with a great pleasure that we would like to inform you that we are launching a new initiative at Birtley. The Resident Lead Care Home Committee- which we refer to as RLCHC. This is where a meeting occurs every 6 weeks. Minutes and actions are recorded at each meeting including decisions taken and responsibilities allocated for actions. A brief written summary is provided to the Board of Directors at Birtley House Nursing Home. We know that the resident’s contribution will be much appreciated by both residents and staff.

RLCHC Purpose

Sylwia Indycka – Birtley House Nursing Home Manager together with the Resident’s committee panel will establish an effective group of resident’s representatives to support seeking care home compliance and for scrutinising performance and effectiveness of the projects implemented at Birtley House. This directly impacts on residents experience and satisfaction to promote their wellness and personalised care delivery.

The RLCHC Committee will take specific responsibility for providing feedback to the following areas of their experience of living at Birtley House supported by Birtley House Nursing Home core values:

  • Kindness
  • Integrity
  • Positivity
  • Adaptability

The RLCHC Committee will be also advising on matters related to the resident’s day by day experience.

Resident Committee Representatives

Members of the RLCHC Committee will be appointed by RLCHC Committee Chair – Sylwia Indycka based on their capacity to contribute to the effective running of the Committee. The Committee members will normally serve a minimum of a six months up to a maximum of one year.

In the summer of 2022, resident interest was surveyed, and 12 residents were selected in October 2022 by The RLCHC Committee Chair – Sylwia Indycka. The residents were issued by a hand membership confirmation letter – they accepted letters with great enthusiasm, emotions and joy.

Objectives & role responsibilities

In support of the RLCHC Committee strategy, the residents will oversee and evaluate implementation of person-centred approach at Birtley House Nursing Home.

The RLCHC Committee operational responsibilities are to:

  • Be the voice of Birtley House Nursing Home residents and advocating for their rights
  • Promote residents wellness and meaningful life at Birtley House

An update for all our readers

During the first RLCHC meeting in September of last year, members showed great enthusiasm and willingness to participate in the interview process for recruiting new staff members to support a more inclusive approach. Therefore, a request for residents to participate was suggested, agreed by the Registered Manager and actions in November 2022 where a resident took part in an interview process for a Health Care Assistant role.  This was where a candidate was asked questions and represented the residents at Birtley; both gave lovely feedback after this experience.

We are very passionate at Birtley about further improving our values and incorporating our residents into our processes and all that we do here at the home. The Resident Lead Care Home Committee is an example of exactly this. Giving our residents roles and responsibilities not only gives them a duty of care but also gives them a purpose and a way to improve where they live and enjoy life. And, who better to collaborate with than your colleagues and neighbours 😊

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